Financial Planning – Your Financial Needs

As financial planners, knowing our clients formally commences during the completion of the Financial Planning Client Questionnaire.

Goal setting is crucial to the initial success of a client committing to have a financial plan documented. Goal setting enhances the life planning principle central to financial planning and reiterates the fact that most clients value the quality of their lifestyle more highly than making money. Knowing what you are trying to achieve with your money will allow you to set financial objectives.

People often have a large list of wants and needs, but these can be quite vague and hard to quantify. A financial planner’s role is crucial to identifying and prioritising goals. Precise questioning and dialogue can help you assess what you really want, while it’s also valuable to get you to rank your lifestyle and financial goals in order from most important to least important. Financial frustration or anxiety is often a product of misdirection; if you do not know why you are committing to a course of action and what you want to achieve.

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