“I want to thank Chris and his team – Bridget, in particular, for all the help provided over the years. Much of my time has been spent living out of New Zealand, and throughout, whether by email, phone or face to face, Chris and the team have always been available – providing help and solid financial advice. This support has been great and really appreciated. Chris is an honest and down to earth person – and I appreciate this.
Unfortunately, I have recently had to make a Trauma claim which turned out not to be straightforward. Throughout the process which took quite some time, Chris was extremely open, transparent and supportive.
In dealing with my insurance company, he was proactive, tenacious and never gave up on achieving what he believed was right. I firmly believe that if I had bought my insurance online, or through a bank employee or with 95% of financial advisers, my claim would not have been paid. I was fortunate that I had Chris MacKay in my corner going in to bat for me. Thanks to Chris, my claim was paid!”
Barry Glover

“Quite a few years back I engaged Chris MacKay to look after our family’s personal insurances. In retrospect, that was a smart move because I took Chris’ excellent professional advice way back then.
In July 2018, I had a major health incident and the financial products that Chris had recommended those many years ago have delivered exactly as recommended and as promised.
Chris and his Insurance Manager Bridget made the claims’ process effortless and kept me informed with the progress all the way through.
I’m very happy that I have continued to have my insurance business looked after by Chris MacKay and MacKay Financial Advice & Solutions.”
Shayne Hodge, Director, The Hodge Group Ltd.
October 2018.

“Chris, Blair and the team at MacKay Financial Advice and Solutions have gone above and beyond when helping me get a pay out on my Trauma cover. I had taken out a policy many years ago with another Adviser who wasn’t on the ball like Blair and Chris. It was after I had left the other Adviser and was having a financial review with Blair that he thought MacKays may be able to help with an historic potential Trauma claim which dated back 13 years. Chris and his team went in to bat for me and my family in getting a pay-out, which has directly enabled me to start up my own business and become self-employed.
Many thanks to the wonderful team at MacKays for not giving up on this and fighting for me and for justice for the little people.”
Andrew Moses

“Dear Chris, I would just like to thank you very much for everything. Your manner, your kindness, your sympathy and the way you dealt with our situation when we first met you. I only wish we had ‘found’ you earlier on in our business lives. I am not at all surprised at how successful you are! Best Wishes and thanks again. Excellent staff as well.”
Rosalie McCrea

“We are very fortunate to have Chris MacKay as our financial adviser. Chris believes in educating and informing his clients fully, before any decisions are made.
We trust Chris and know that his motivation is to make sure that we are able to move ahead and make sound choices that will help us to become more financially secure and confident.
We feel very looked after by Chris’ team also. They work together seamlessly to support him and are extremely capable in their clearly defined roles. Nothing is too much trouble and we are made to feel completely at ease.
Chris’ advice has been an important catalyst for us to gain a better understanding of our financial options and to act accordingly.”
Bob & Gael

“I am extremely grateful to you for your advice on Trauma cover and Income Protection. As you know I was unexpectedly ‘on claim’ for over ten years with the Income Protection policy, after being completely fit and healthy prior to my stroke – and I would be happy to be a referee for you if you ever have the need. I am also grateful for your help with the purchase of our first home in NZ and for the early payment of June’s insurance before she died in 1996. You may have forgotten these last two but I have not. You are a good man. Cheers.”
Des Vize

“I want to thank you and Bridget for working through the paperwork so quickly for me. Although I wish we never would have had to make a claim, I’m so glad Jose and I took out this policy, for Danny’s sake. Financial worry is one large boulder that is lifted from my shoulders.
Thank you for your help. Thank you as always for your advice, Chris.”

“Chris MacKay Financial Planning have served us really well over the last 20 years. Thanks so much for everything. Service is top banana; we have recommended you to friends in the past and will do so in the future. “
Tim Rathbun & Philippa Hardy

“Copy that mate. Thank you for everything you’ve done. We’ll not forget it.”

“Just a quick note of thanks in relation to the recent claim for Ann; not so much for the way your team handled the claim (although that was excellent), but more so for the fact that you sold us the product in the first place. While it was quite some time ago I have no doubt that it was only on your professional advice that the policy extension that led to the claim was purchased. Well done.Greatly appreciated. Thanks.”

“OMG what can I say – I am stunned for words – this was never expected, you are the miracle worker young Chris, the best thing we ever did all those years ago is to listen to your advice and be under your wing! Thank you for all the time and effort you have put in to look after us, it’s sincerely appreciated!”

“I have appreciated the quality of service given by you and your team over many, many, years. I often mention your name and services provided to colleagues and others. Others around the valley do the same. Very few excel at what they do to the extent that you have. I have always felt comfortable discussing my affairs with you yet, with all others I am very reserved and careful. Thank you.”

“Over the last 12 years or so we have invested in the Booster (formerly Grosvenor) system with Chris MacKay as our financial adviser. We have been extremely happy with the performance of the investments and with the advice we have been given. They have successfully taken us through the global financial crisis and set us up so we can face the future with security and confidence. Many thanks.”

“I have been a client of Chris MacKay for many years now and have been happy to take his advice on insurance and financial matters. Recently I had cause to consider making a claim on one of my policies. The success of that claim is largely due to the time, effort, energy and skill that Chris applied to the process. Chris’ help has allowed us to put financial worries aside and get on with enjoying life.”

“Robyn died yesterday morning, at home thank goodness. The house is very quiet and empty. As to be expected, the Hospice in particular and their nurses were absolutely brilliant and made this journey easier than may have been otherwise. Chris, thank you for all your kindness and help over obtaining the insurance. Without that I wouldn’t have been able to care for Robyn myself. Thanks again and my kind regards.”

“Chris, thank you so much for your help in nursing me through the claims process, something I did reluctantly and with trepidation – it was well worth it, the outcome is wonderful.”

“We appreciate the time and effort that you have put in to handling this claim. My decision 25 years ago to sign up with Chris has proved to be one of the best decisions I have ever made”

“Our association with Chris MacKay and his company dates back almost 30 years. As a long established practice ourselves, we understand that longevity is a great indicator of outstanding performance and client commitment. Chris and his team have both these qualities. Experience has taught him how to personalise cover to his clients’ unique needs and his professionalism and integrity gives credence to the life affecting financial options he offers. On a personal level, at life’s more difficult times Chris and his team can be depended on to handle matters with speed, understanding and compassion. They are good citizens of our community and I have and will continue to recommend their services to our clients and friends.

“The team at Chris MacKay Financial Planning were fantastic to work with when I needed to make a claim. They advised me on the policies I could claim against, told me about the claim process, sent me all the forms, kept me informed throughout and let me know as soon as my claim was accepted—nothing was too much trouble. Their service was consistently superb—friendly, professional advice and great follow-up. At a time when I needed it most, they made the whole thing easy.”

“In a society with many doubtful professionals, it’s reassuring to know that there is a financial planning company I can trust. I recommend Chris to anyone starting, or reviewing their insurance and investment needs.”

“You’ve been a great friend over the years Chris. Now you’ve put the icing on the cake. I can’t thank you enough for this great provision for us at this time and for the family in the future. For the man who has everything, what Can i say but thanks with all my heart.”

“Chris is the sort of person who always makes you feel at ease and goes out of his way to help you to achieve what you want rather than forcing something on to you.”

“I find Chris very professional and easy to do business with.”