What do we do?

“We provide financial advice to families and business owners, and assist them in building and protecting their wealth. Our advice includes financial solutions which enable our clients to enjoy in retirement, the fruits of their hard work.”

What can we offer to prospective clients?

  • Brand longevity – we know what we’re doing – we’ve been in business for 40+ years.

  • Qualified and experienced advisers – we have combined financial services’ experience of almost 100 years.

  • Dedicated Team – we are a hardworking, client-focussed team, committed to providing the very best of service and “going the extra mile”. One of us will even answer the phone when you call! You won’t be put on hold for 30 minutes.

  • Location – centrally located in Queens Drive, Lower Hutt. We are easily accessible, and are proud to have our name on the building to identify us. We’ve been in the same spot for over four decades now, serving our loyal clients and our community.

  • A full-service financial advice and solutions’ practice – expertise in: KiwiSaver, Risk Management (Insurance), Retirement Planning, Wealth Management and Mortgages.

  • A wide range of specialist providers: financial solutions recommended from not one only, but from multiple insurance companies, fund managers, KiwiSaver providers and mortgage lenders.

  • We work for you – we don’t work for a bank, fund manager or an insurance company – your interests are paramount.

  • Highly regarded by fund managers (who manage over $150 million of our clients’ investments), and insurance companies – our knowledge and skill are recognised by being sought-after for input into product and systems’ development.

  • Exceptional working relationship with insurance companies – we work hard to get justifiable claims paid and have an additional advocacy capability through our Plus4 association if claims get difficult. Starting with our first death claim as a result of a motor cycle accident way back in 1979, our financial advice has resulted in Kiwi families and businesses receiving tens of millions of dollars in Life, Trauma, Total & Permanent Disablement and Income Replacement insurance claims since then.

  • Membership of Plus4 Insurance Solutions – recommendations are chosen from the top providers in NZ as determined by ongoing, independent research into policy wordings and benefits.

What defines us?

  • What’s important to you – your needs and wants are at the heart of all that we do.

  • Privacy – your personal information is treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

  • Professionalism – all clients are treated with respect, honesty, and transparency.

  • We are good listeners and communicators – we listen, we discuss, and we explain.

  • Clarity – we strive to ensure that you fully understand what services will be provided along with how we are remunerated, and how any recommended financial products provide the solutions for the advice given.

  • Competence – our Advisers are qualified, informed, and in addition to what regulators require, complete many hours of extra continuing professional development.

  • Personal recommendations – most new business comes from the great work we do for existing clients, who refer their family and friends to us.

  • Stick to what we know – we don’t pretend to know everything, and will only give advice in the areas we are qualified in.

  • Integrity – is at the heart of who we are and what we do and this is written into our guiding policies for all staff.

  • Likeable – our clients tell us that they like doing business with us and that our Advisers and support staff are super-efficient, easy and fun to deal with.

All our Advisers adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advice Services which came into force on 15 March 2021.

The Standards:

Part 1: Ethical Behaviour, Conduct, and Client Care

1. Treat clients fairly

2. Act with integrity

3. Give financial advice that is suitable

4. Ensure that the client understands the financial advice

5. Protect client information

Part 2: Competence, Knowledge, and Skill

6. Have general competence, knowledge, and skill

7. Have particular competence, knowledge, and skill for designing an investment plan

8. Have particular competence, knowledge, and skill for product advice

9. Keep competence, knowledge, and skill up-to-date